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    DOĞA ORMAN AĞAÇ SEVGİ DÜNYA Paylaşımı İçin Ziyaretçi Yorumu
    20.02.2020 22:03:16
    Ziyaretçi : Elif Lara Ateş
    Hello, my name is Elif Lara Ateş, I am a 5th grade student and a member of the culture and arts literature group. As an introduction, I want to express you the feelings I feel for the forests. The forest is a source of happiness for people. It is the most valuable gift of nature to us. The love of proportion takes a big place in people's hearts. There is nothing like running and playing by absorbing the fragrance of leaves under green branches. The sounds of birds we hear through the trees give people peace of mind. Unfortunately, people do not know the forest enough for us. Trees in the forest clean the dirty air and present it to nature in a large area of ??oxygen, the source of life. We are not the only creatures that benefit from this.

    I, as Elif Lara Ateş, would like to convey what I thought in the development section. Let's love the green and protect the mother together with all the students, because we are part of it. There are animals living in the trees and similar flowers that are part of their lives, wandering with the love of the forest. The whole world of these animals is forest. Trees are their home, and fruits are our most important food. It must be the duty of every person to lovingly protect the forests of various types of trees, plants and creatures. Forests, which are destroyed by unconscious cutting of trees or because of fire for some reason, give us all sorrow. Cooling under the breeze created by the movements of the branches in warm weather fills our hearts happily. Integration with forests, plants and animals that exist in nature enables us to live with an incredible energy that enriches our emotions. The richness of fragrances and colors in the forest flows into our eyes like a joy dripping from the artist's brush. Forest is the common point of all living things and the reason for existence as the meaning of life and earth. With the love of animals, the sense of nature fills our soul like a sun warming the world. We should know how to live life happily, like birds flapping the love of the forest, that we live in the heart of nature. We should also know how to organize the places we live in in accordance with the nature. Thus, we can always live our lives more vividly with the sounds of birds ringing in our ears.

    Here I came to the conclusion now, if I come to summarize my feelings and thoughts, I would like to say what are the conditions that are the basis for the growth of natural herbs used in herbal treatment. Our abundant products such as walnuts, chestnuts, cherries, and figs are produced from forests. We supply herbs such as centaury, ginger, bay leaf, fig, carob and olive from the nature, which are included in the treatment of miraculous plants with healing stores. These are the richness that nature offers us. The trees where life blooms are more festive with bird chirps. The whole universe dies everywhere as if working together for this, poking around. In the big cities we live in, people long for forests and trees. In order not to get away from nature, we must love and value our forests. The homework title word given by my teacher, The love of the forest has affected me very much, it also made me very happy. As Elif Lara Ateş, I am proud to convey what I want to tell you. From this day on, I am very happy to have a habit of writing articles and to sail the world of imagination in my spare time, pen in my hand, beautiful emotions in my heart. I always wanted to put my feelings and dreams on paper. In this way, I live the happiness of starting from today with the courage and share with you.
    Article review by: Elif Lara Ates, culture and arts group.
    Compiled by: Reyhan Ateş, Technology and Design Teacher.
    Keywords: Nature, forest, tree, animal, love, world.

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