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    KÜLTÜR SANAT Paylaşımı İçin Ziyaretçi Yorumu
    22.02.2020 18:51:38
    Ziyaretçi : Feyzanur Öztürk
    Perspective Picture:
    Hello, painting ceramic sculpture art master pencil, Mr. Ahmet Nuray. My name is Feyzanur Öztürk, I am a member of the culture and arts group. I write comments like those who attend painting education seminars. I will start the topic like an adventure novel without further ado. I felt it. I wanted it strange, when I think about what it means, I am in a powder-like dialogue to improve myself. Light field colors are chosen from the most important international communication news that every artist trembles. We are in a position to perceive how sensitive and emotional the wall of the sweet tongue hearted is than stone. Doesn't she know the meaning of pleasures to beautiful blue, life green color and yellow sorrow?
    We should not underestimate the benefits of immersing ourselves in the world of dreams by being under the influence of visual landscapes in the excitement of educational mobilization and art-themed Internet movies, where we dive into the day. According to the painters, the meaning of perspective painting bright meant a distant pink appearance of a work of art. In addition, it was to transfer a two-dimensional image mechanically to three-dimensional paper. When I researched this topic, I understood a little how simple the cycle was. Even the dust-pink dreams of life in the crazy adventures mentioned in human life-related stories open us the door of life of separate worlds. Because at the moment of development, when a person decides with his own superior will, he will reap whatever he sows. If we give an example of perspective design in painting education, the original is to transfer the paper in two dimensions but in three dimensional shapes. In the narration I just said, under perspective drawing, qualified depth, space, space and draft location, near objects are big, distant ones are small. The perspective and plane of colors emphasize variability in perspective measurements in the picture.
    I have said that this kind of color education works very easily in human life. I said to underestimate this, of course, but when I searched for its meaning, when the unit of measurement was followed, I realized that it was not as difficult as I thought. Three-dimensional pictures are actually perspective pictures. So they are visuals that are two-dimensional but whose paper is very striking. These are interesting and detailed topics, but since this is my main topic, I am not talking about them right now. Some of the sculptural designs have pictures of human-themed drawings. It looks as closely as an obesity-loving, overweight person, but it gets better while getting small scales as it moves away. These are perspective picture explanation and illustration. Such mature shapes have a distinct beauty and exciting adventure.

    Stable Colors: I will try to explain the family art, which may be the subject of this debate, in a clearer way, with ideas open to discussion. They cannot make decisions like colorful people, but they have superiority in themselves. This is exactly the subject I will touch on. Determination colors have superiority in their internal dynamics even if they do not contradict each other. It will sound a little strange, but when we grasp it fully, this dilemma chain will disappear from being a problem. I can start to explain some of the light space topics that are included in internet movies with the adventure novel type. If we go by way of example, for example white and brown. Which of these colors is Superior? If we answer, light color will be more important in the human life cycle.
    I would say on behalf of Feyzanur Öztürk culture and art group, let's see now, will the picture be stable in colors in human relations? Let's answer this question right away, because when brown and white come together, they fade more and more in faint levels, gaining striking. For this reason, comparing white to the name of culture and art makes it superior color status. For example, let us think about which colors can be stable in painting education, clouds and sunlight (color stability). So which one is yellow and light blue superior to each other? Let's not think of turquoise and magenta colors. Let's consider and imagine the position of the draw between them as the sun and clouds in the time cycle. When we look at the sky, our eyes do not whine, but it does not bother, but when we look at the sun, our gaze wincing painfully, it becomes uncomfortable.
    Therefore, the answer to the color education question should be the color spectrum that the light order in that huge energy mass receives. Awareness of painters about painting with paint is brought with it. Therefore, it is useful to consider the artistic weight of those who say that the sun has superiority over the people and the universe than the clouds. When I told the family counselor in the article comment before, it is only possible at the initiative of art lovers to imagine other views housed in white. Because in the natural cycle of culture in neon shimmer, yellow emits more bright light than blue. In short, stable formation of colors is possible, but in themselves they boast to each other.

    Culture Corner: In fact, the facts taught to us in the human life philosophy school transferred from society to society may be the definition of the light space binary. Art and culture should be considered as three-dimensional sculptures like twin brothers. Separation from each other is the name of the cases that proved their determination in almost impossible. But the level of view of societies with advanced knowledge is something different. Thus, it is not something that is transmitted as sharing ideas among the community. The real definition of this is the real definition of adventure novel fluency with the help of painting education. It is the transfer to paper, sculptures and canvas in the Ottoman period culture and so on, based on previous years. It is the exhibition or hanging of these works on a small or large space after the application of these to levels and sculpture art is finished.
    For example, the paintings made on paper and similar media are variable according to the original will and characteristic thinking skill of the painters or the culture corner environment. For example, it can be given as an example of the piercing and damaging tools used, for example, as a tank (sculpture), to be drawn on a large sheet of paper, or to put them on paper works. If we come to work on oil painting on canvas, for example, let's refer to the portrait of women who have been beaten by violence. Or let's aim at drawing the injured places and preventing such ailments by emphasizing how bad the violence is. By the way, we have mentioned how bad the act of designing an attack on women is like in Internet movies.
    We remember the action in the picture frames on violence and its description within the art agenda. If we come to the details of the works related to the creation of bird's-eye sculptures, we can also sculpt our martyrs and martyrs during the war. Figurative designs made for the purpose of remembering, perceiving and not forgetting the monuments erected in the square are important in terms of communication. The exemplary designs in the cultural corner that will be influential on the subject matter, I think, will respect the spirit of our important soldiers who died during the war.

    Night Light: When it is called bright in the dark environment, it is correct to bet on the original colors of the night that comes to our mind. If we listen to what the members of the culture and arts group say, what could be an enjoyable work as painting the figures that have a say about painting? To be more descriptive, the colors in the sun spectrum that give us the feeling of blue, white, green, black and a little red. Painting education, first of all, when it comes to asking for night light to illuminate the shadows, we can actually perceive it as the subject of a study. Even in the drawings embroidered on ancient Egyptian paper-made papyrus, they gave the designs with shapes without color harmony. In other words, this is not only about the integration of the night with light, but only the transfer of oil painting shapes. Three-dimensional sculpture monuments are made of long-lasting durable metal such as bronze so that they do not succumb to time, but they are also polished and shaped with patina art instead of paint. In the dark evaluation environment of the night, the art of light is actually an issue in itself. All works done in the name of human life and to give a pleasant appearance to the eye are valuable for art lovers. But if we make it more widespread and say that the night is shining, we can have an idea on landscape paintings. Of course, the works that are used with the addition of night-lighted, neon-bright paints on each other, that is, as a result of harmonious mixing, come to our mind in the name of art.
    If we evaluate the degree of performance within the framework of profile style as per artist performance, we will of course understand the value given to color transitions. Even the night light can be transferred to white, green, red, black colors on bulky paper, canvas or in the form of a wall board with a night view. In fact, only the art of light is a subject that belongs to the internal dynamic perception like hieroglyphic painting type. Evidence of culture and art colors, brightness levels and similar projections show to the art-lover viewers that it refers to the value of the subject. Imagine any story as the adventure novel hero, in which we define texture, painting technique, three-dimensional depth or height for the sake of defining the event. To illustrate, the process of applying light or dark looking exploding paints on some dark colors can be varied, depending on the painter's character and style difference, such as explanations in the philosophy school.
    Again, the definition of the common perception description layout does not allow such darkened volumetric explosions such as black, navy, and brown. The contradictory expressions of perceptions that remain in the art order add strength to the lines of wealth in design. Character analysis, called the idea theme, gets autonomy like Internet movies, when it is opened to different dimensions. The application of yellowish texture, neon pink and light blue ultraviolet and similar colors on or over the colors should be left to the initiative of the artist, including art education. The light paintings of the painters, who enlightened the night in such powerful designs, are transformed into very interesting works of painting education. Of course, the works supported with light transitions on dark color should not be confused as they are presented to the likes with the hieroglyph painting type. Long story short, I started to specialize in brain gymnastics but I believe that I still could not define the night-light relationship exactly.

    Multi-Universe: Actually, art of painting depends on the structure of the mediterranean without thinking about what is going on in the universe that is not talked about much. In other words, the principle of righteousness is meaningless to us without research and we cannot consolidate ideas. But after researching and mastering the subject, we can begin to explain comfortably, the qualities of being in a balance position, the question marks in our heads. Because when we remember the subject of the multiverse, the first things that come to our mind should be the same as in the family counselor article. Lots of thematic patterns, natural greenery, living beings with buildings and living life in nature.
    Here the secrets of this multiverse are slowly starting to unravel around here. Of course, we are not talking about the definition of multiple circuits in electricity. If we try to explain the humanistic thought exactly, the type of comment type becomes the article writing. The topic of the day is multiple plural paintings, colorful arts, sculptures, canvases and oil paintings can be in our field of view. Actually, it shouldn't be that difficult to open the narrative and give information about the multi-phase, right? After understanding such definitions, the question marks in our heads are slowly going away, right? While making these explanations, I can say that the abstract thinking, background painting art and the rebellion evaluation ability in accordance with the definition of philosophy worked for me. In fact, people often tell some pink lies so that they do not break, feel sad, or hurt what they love and value.
    To me this is not a lie, just to be honest. Of course, after a while, we should achieve this in the name of culture and arts, the realism principle that was frequently mentioned in the Ottoman period. Otherwise, in the multiverse, then it can go to the habit of lying rather than honest. I will also leave the rebellion aside and stick to the principle of truthful truthfulness with you. When I look at this unusual style, I got a little complicated and felt lost in the unknown world order. But as I said, I went over the problem and silently eliminated these problems like applying the multiverse order in the adventure novel.

    Laws of Nature: I will start making an explanation by saying that if there is order in places where human life passes, so that there is a rule in nature, so that there is no need to say whether there is any. Meanwhile, it is not only the environment in which animals live, which expresses the mystery of the universe. Nature can stay on the earth globe in people who respect and engage with it. Here, the Law of Nature official parade supports painting education with a statement that is open to use at this point. In the name of universal art, I want you to question yourself how such a thing will happen. Yes, the limited time I have devoted to think has expired and is gone. The Constitution says that if we say that it consists of stimulating substances such as equality between living things, acting fairly, and punishing those who continue to eat orphans, we will say a little.
    In essence, it lists the things that people should do in contact with each other and determines the enforcement of my prohibitions. I continue to speak by saying that the areas where the laws of nature are used in artistic painting and visuals are as follows. For example, as philosophy school educators say, we can start with the most hurtful event. We know that hunting is prohibited in the forest. So we can come to the main subject. Do not say that the picture showing that it is forbidden in hunting and wildlife resources is not linked. But it is time to verify the wrong information. How do we define with the help of the culture and art language that hunting is forbidden in certain regions without being fooled by the lies in internet movies? Let's put the lethal force weapon figure on the photo, and draw an animal picture next to it (deer) and write the forbidden letter in capital letters. Nature itself means balance and there is a guarantee that if we do not comply with this order, we will impose our punishment indirectly. With the help of the laws of nature, we can state that hunting is associated with visual prohibition.

    In my opinion, the name of this harmful hobby in human life is not sports. No matter who says what, this business is not like a hero of adventure novels, especially forest animals are some of the gifts that mother nature gives us. Unfortunately, human beings are not aware of the blessings offered to us. With the philosophy of this is fun life, there are those who introduce hunting as a sport to the new generation young people under the name of universal art. But if we say stop and save a few lives, we are happy. Here we have to take the front of human beings, who do not grieve their conscience, by taking a front against such treacherous people and handing them all together. Let us not forget that a living being is a heart in these killed animals. The laws of nature hit us in the course of time by the mother of nature, but we intellectuals cannot feel it, we think it is a coincidence of bad destiny. I mean, oh, it doesn't stay in place, of course, in vain. Blind ignorance wriggling in ignorance, those who do merciless unscrupulousness must be remembered as the biggest shame of a society.

    Article author: Feyzanur Öztürk, member of culture and arts group, secondary school student.
    Compiled by: Painting and ceramic sculpture art was organized by Ahmet Nuray on behalf of the site administration.
    Keywords: Perspective painting consisted of stable colors, culture corner, night light, multiverse, laws of nature and culture art.
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